Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery in Cancer October 21 2017

Nanoparticles are important new tools for fighting cancer. With the promise of improving drug efficacy while also minimizing damage to non-cancerous healthy cells, it is clear why there is excitement about using nanotechnology for drug delivery. But, what exactly makes nanoparticles so good for delivering drugs in cancer?


Nano-Enabled Clothing October 14 2017

Nano-Enabled Clothing

Imagine that coffee or food stain you just accidentally spilled your dress shirt or blouse before an interview or while at lunch before an important meeting. Instead of requiring an impromptu wardrobe change or carrying on with an embarrassing blemish for the rest of the day, new nano-enabled clothing could make it possible to clean your clothing by simply standing in the sun for a moment!


National Nanotechnology Day October 07 2017

October 9th is officially National Nanotechnology Day! Find and share ways to celebrate all things nano.





Disaster Relief - Nanotech Water Purification September 30 2017

A major issue in dealing with the aftermath of hurricanes like Harvey, Irma, and Maria is the supply of clean water. In light of these recent disasters, the significant advancements made during the past year using nanoparticles for water purification have been on the forefront of our minds.



Ayurveda Medicine and Gold Nanoparticles September 23 2017

Gold Nanoparticles and Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, the alternative Hindu medicine based on the ideal balance among the body’s systems through diet, herbal treatments and yogic breathing, it is said that consumption of gold at certain levels increases strength of body.  




Nanoparticles Heal Diaper Rash September 16 2017

Nanoparticles Heal Diaper RashAny new parents are likely well versed in dealing with diaper rash as it is the most common skin issue for babies. Luckily it is easily treated and not a major concern. However, did you know the healing effect of diaper rash lotions are due to nanoparticles?




Improving Nanoparticle RNA Delivery September 02 2017

RNA Delivery

One class of therapeutics that has extensively explored the potential for using lipid-based nanoparticles is mRNA. Now it appears researchers have shed light on how to boost intracellular mRNA delivery using lipid nanoparticles.



Nanotechnology Joins the Fight Against Antimicrobial Drug Resistance August 26 2017


The growing problem of antibiotic resistant bacteria has become a mainstream health concern, and for good reason. Now nanobiotics may offer a promising strategy to combat antimicrobial resistance.





New Results from 5-Year Nanoparticle Study August 19 2017

The results of a half-decade long Swiss study on nanomaterials are in, and the data favors new opportunities while acknowledging areas that need more investigation.



FDA/EMA Approved Nanoparticles August 12 2017

NanoHybrids has released a comprehensive list of all nanoparticles that have been, or are currently approved for therapeutic indications.






NanoHybrids Nanoparticle Blog Among Top 50 Nanotech Blogs August 09 2017

NanoHybrids is ranked as one of the Top 50 Nanotechnology Blogs and Websites.






Sunscreen's Nano-Barrier to Skin Cancer August 05 2017

Sunscreen's Nano-Barrier to Skin CancerProtection provided by sunblock sprays and lotions starts at the nano-level. Most sunscreen formulations have titanium dioxide (TiO2) and/or zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles embedded in their lotions.