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  Gold Nanoparticles

Contrast Agents for Cellular and Molecular Imaging

Elucidating the biology of disease at a molecular and cellular level is a pivotal step towards formulating new therapeutics and personalizing disease management and care. NanoHybrids designs and synthesizes contrast agents for the non-invasive imaging of molecular and cellular function using optical and acoustic imaging applications. Our contrast agent products consist of nanoparticles with metallic, perfluorocarbon, or polymeric components that can be surface-functionalized with biomolecules designed to target various stages of disease. These nano-sized contrast agents interact specifically with cell surface biomarkers characteristic of certain disease states and allow for the visualization of these targets in real time. 

NanoHybrids biomedical contrast agents provide basic science investigators the ability to target and visualize biological pathways of disease in preclinical applications. In clinical applications, our agents allow for molecular profiling of tumors and other diseases non-invasively for the detection and treatment of pathology at a cellular level. While our contrast agents can be widely applied in imaging, a new modality called photoacoustic imaging which represents the intersection of optical and acoustic techniques, is particularly synergistic with our products.

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Note: Some of the research at NanoHybrids is funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) within the Public Health Service (PHS). NanoHybrids is in compliance with the regulation 42 CFR Part 50 Subpart F, requiring transparency of our Conflict of Interest Policy