All Gold NanoRods

Premium Gold NanoRods Ideal for Photoacoustic Imaging, Photothermal Cancer Therapy, and more

Our rod shaped gold nanoparticles are ideal for applications involving pulsed lasers and multiplexing experiments. Since we offer a wide range of peak wavelengths (780 nm, 808 nm, 850 nm), these particles are also suitable for many other imaging applicationsSilica-coated particles provide several benefits including colloidal and thermodynamic stability, making them ideal for a variety of life science and material science applications

Products in this category include:

Silica-coated Gold NanoRods, CTAB-stabilized Gold NanoRods, Carboxyl Functionalized Gold NanoRods, and PEGylated Gold NanoRods (LSPR options: 780 nm, 808 nm, 850 nm). Custom LSPRs also available. 

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