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Applications of nanoparticles & troubleshooting

What gold nanoparticles are best for lateral flow assays?

I am trying to pick the appropriate gold nanoparticles for my lateral flow assay. Is there a "right" size? Any tips? Spherical gold nanoparticles strongly absorb the blue.....Read more.


What do I do when the Photoacoustic imaging signal from my gold nanoparticles is too weak? 

If we assume that the photoacoustic system (transducer, receive electronics, laser, etc.) is operating correctly, then the amount of light delivered and the net optical absorption must be increased to.....Read more.


How do gold nanoparticles enter cells? What factors determine intracellular uptake of nanoparticles?

Most biomedical applications involving nanoparticles require targeted delivery into specific cells. While traditional small molecule drugs enter cells mainly through passive diffusion or active transport, nanomedicines are transported across the membrane via.....Read more.


I am planning an animal injection study. What concentration and volume of gold nanoparticles can I use? 

From past efforts using mice models, our local Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) has allowed injections up to 10%.....Read more.


Properties of Gold Nanoparticles

Gold nanoparticle aggregation: What to Know and How to Prevent

Why do gold nanoparticles aggregate? What can cause aggregation? How to prevent aggregation? Ensure your AuNPs are in top form....Read more.


How is Optical Density measured/calculated? 

Optical density is a common method to quantify the concentration of solutes or nanoparticles. As per Beer-Lambert’s law, the absorbance (or more properly termed “extinction”) of a particular sample is proportional ....Read more.


What is the difference between optical density, absorbance and extinction?

How do you calculate these values and what do they mean to researchers working with gold nanoparticles? To understand these properties, let us consider the path of light through a sample cuvette....Read more


What is Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)?

What factors determine LSPR and how does it influence results? A plasmon is a quasi-particle defined as a quantum of plasma oscillation, commonly observed in metals.....Read more.


What is plasmon coupling?

At large interparticle distances, the surface plasmon resonance is based on the size and geometry of the nanoparticle. However, at close proximity plasmon coupling can occur, where the surface plasmons of adjacent nanoparticles interact......Read more.


Why am I seeing dogbone shaped gold nanoparticles on TEM? 

The formation of "dog bones" or other shapes such as "dumbbells" or "peanut shaped" particles in a gold nanoparticle solution may be a quality control issue and can be attributed to.....Read more.


While imaging of gold nanorods worked in a phantom, I am unable to see them in vivo. How do I troubleshoot this issue?

Photoacoustic imaging requires light energy to be absorbed by nanorods, converted to heat energy, and then converted to pressure waves; in vivo imaging problems can manifest in a number of ways. If we assume....Read more


Gold nanoparticle coatings

What is the difference between Citrate, CTAB, PEG & Silica coatings?

Uncoated gold nanoparticles can aggregate in solution. Passivating their surface with specialized coatings, helps preserve their optical properties and resist aggregation and shape change under....Read more.


Why is CTAB used in gold nanorod synthesis?

What is CTAB and is it toxic to cells? If yes, why is it used in gold nanorod synthesis? CTAB is a cationic surfactant also known as Cetrimonium....Read more.


What are bare gold nanoparticles and where can I buy bare gold nanoparticles?

When you see the term "bare" nanoparticles, typically this indicates that the particles are provided in ....Read more.



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