All Gold NanoSpheres

Premium Gold Nanospheres for Molecular Imaging and Research, Gold Nanoparticle diameter 5nm to 120 nm


Spherical gold nanoparticles ideal for applications
including microscopy, lateral flow assays, multiplexing, SERS & other imaging applications


NanoHybrids' gold nanospheres are developed by researchers for researchers. We offer a range of product sizes and surface coatings that provide exceptional signal strength and high thermodynamic stability. Additionally, our gold nanoparticles are suitable for functionalization and antibody conjugation and come with our commitment to Quality, Consistency, and Reliability.


Gold Nanoparticle Quality Consistency Reliability

Gold NanoSphere Product Range

  • Spherical Gold Nanoparticles: (Available in a Variety of Diameters)


Surface Coating Benefits

  • Easily Conjugated / Easily Functionalized / Easily Modified
  • Most Stable / Low Immunogenicity / In Vivo Injectable Ready
  • Enhanced Imaging / Improved Signal Strength / Bioconjugation Potential
  • In Vivo Ready / Most Stable / Enhanced Signal


Our NanoSpheres can enhance biomedical imaging techniques by improving signal strength and quality, interacting specifically with diseased cells and allowing real time imaging of functional biology. Our nanoparticles can be employed in a wide variety of applications both in vitro and in vivo.


NEW: Carboxylic Acid Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles.

Carboxyl group on the surface of these gold nanoparticles allows for easy conjugation of ligands and biomolecules for targeted applications. Available in sizes from 5 nm to 80 nm. Click here to see carboxylic acid functionalized products


Gold Nanoparticles Custom Designed as Improved Labels for Lateral Flow Assays:

 Diameter CV SPR Peak 80% SPR Peak Width Zeta Potential pH Surface Example TEM Absorption Spectra
40nm ≤10% 523.5 ± 1.0nm ≤37nm -45 ± 15mV 7-8.5 Citrate 40nm Gold NanoSpheres for Lateral Flow Absorption Spectra for 40nm Lateral Flow nanoparticles
60nm ≤8% 533.5 ± 2.0nm ≤41nm -45 ± 15mV 7-8.5 Citrate 60nm Gold NanoSpheres for Lateral Flow Absorption Spectra for 60nm Lateral Flow Gold NanoSpheres

With an optimal combination of cherry red contrast and surface area to minimize wasted targeting biomolecules, 40 nm diameter gold nanospheres are the most popular choice for lateral flow assays. 60 nm Gold NanoSpheres produce a lighter red contrast, but the optical absorbance per nanoparticle is greater. Thus, fewer particles are needed to produce a measurable reading; an advantage for low target analyte concentration samples, or when using expensive targeting moieties.