Lateral Flow Assay Labels

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Why choose our Gold NanoSpheres for Lateral Flow Assays:

  • High Monodispersity (CV < 15%)
  • Batch-to-batch consistency (40nm +/- 2.5 nm)
  • TEM, Zeta, and UV-Vis analysis for every batch
  • 99.99% Reactant Free
  • Available in standard and high concentrations (Optical Density 1 & 50)
  • Scale-up capability for high volume requirements 
  • Personalized technical assistance for assay development & troubleshooting

Choosing highly concentrated (OD=50) gold nanoparticles can save time and streamline conjugation procedures. Unlike other suppliers, we do not charge higher prices for our High Concentration particles.

Our experienced scientific team can also offer customized guidance for assay development and troubleshooting. We also offer custom conjugation to antibodies, proteins, affibodies, aptamers or other moeities of your choice. Find out more about how our gold nanoparticles can improve lateral flow assay performance


 Learn more about using gold nanoparticles as labels for lateral flow assays

NanoHybrids AuNP for Lateral Flow Tests



Curious about nanoparticle Concentrations?

Need concentrations expressed in different units? (optical density, particles/ml, mgAu/ml, molarity). Click the button to see a concentration conversion chart for NanoHybrids Gold Nanoparticles.

NanoHybrids Gold Nanoparticles Concentration Conversion Chart


Can't find the product you are looking for?

We also offer custom OD, volumes, functionalizations, and conjugations to meet your specific need. 

Submit a custom nanoparticle request and we will promptly contact you to discuss how NanoHybrids can best satisfy your gold nanoparticle needs. 

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