Gold Bars to Gold Nanoparticles February 03 2018

Nanoparticles are small, but how small? To put things in context consider a gold bar. If we were to stroll into Fort Knox and pick up a gold bar, how much colloidal gold nanoparticles would it take to achieve the same mass of gold?

High Tech Tattoos January 13 2018

Researchers have been exploring different ways to monitor and treat disease using tattoos. A future with diagnostic and therapeutic tattoos may give this old art form a new functionality.

Nano New Years December 31 2017

How much smaller is a gold nanosphere compared to New York's Times Square New Year's Eve Ball? Ring in the new year with some interesting nanoparticle trivia.




Happy Holidays from NanoHybrids December 23 2017

Seasons Greetings From NanoHybrids.

New Zika Diagnostic Using Gold Nanospheres December 18 2017

Encouragingly, it appears that researchers at MIT have given us a new tool in the fight against Zika with a new diagnostic technology using gold nanospheres.

Treating Cancer: Nanoparticle Heaters w/ Thermostat December 09 2017

Can nanoparticles be precisely heated to the desired cancer killing temperature zone without overheating and harming healthy cells? To answer this question, research is turning to nano-magnets.

How Lateral Flow Assays Work December 02 2017

Lateral Flow Assays (LFAs) are powerful and easy to use diagnostic tools. They most frequently rely on the power of gold nanoparticles (GNPs) to indicate the presence of target analytes or biomolecules. What’s more, they are commonly found on the shelves of your neighborhood pharmacy. We take a look at how these simple, yet highly reliable nanoparticle tests work to give us valuable information about our health and more.

Glare Reducing Nanosurfaces November 25 2017

If you have ever taken your device outside to read or get some work done on a sunny day, then you are familiar with the glare making it nearly impossible to see the screen. Fortunately researchers have developed a solution: nanostructured glass.

5 Nanotechnologies to Prevent Hospital Acquired Infections November 18 2017

Every year an estimated 722,000 people in the U.S. develop infections during a hospital stay, and about 75,000 die. We look at 5 novel nanotechnologies, each with a promise to prevent hospital acquired infection.


Monitoring Mercury Levels with Gold Nanoparticles November 11 2017

Exposure to even small amounts of mercury can cause serious health problems. researchers have developed a gold nanoparticle mercury sensor that is highly sensitive, selective, and stable with limits of detection as low as 0.016 ng/L.

Nature vs. Nano November 04 2017

It’s not often that scientists are able to outperform nature, however, a group of researchers have recently managed to make more efficient cell membrane protein analogs using synthetic carbon nanotubes (CNTs).


Smart Windows October 28 2017

Forget about drawing the shades, pulling the blinds, or covering your windows. In the future windows will be smart enough to sense the amount of sunlight, and automatically adjust to control light and heat coming into our homes, offices, cars, and more.