September 16 2017 by Kimberly Homan

Any new parents are likely well versed in dealing with diaper rash as it is the most common skin issue for babies. It is simply a fact of life and raising children. Luckily it is easily treated and not a major concern. However, did you know the healing effect of diaper rash lotions are due to nanoparticles?

To understand how nanoparticles are employed to heal diaper rash, let’s first explore the underlying cause that gives rise to the skin irritation.

The primary cause of diaper rash is prolonged exposure to wetness inside the diaper. Even ultra absorbing, premium diapers leave moisture on a baby’s skin. This can lead to multiple causes of rash including friction and increased contact with urine and stool. First, moist skin is more prone to irritation from rubbing friction than dry skin. In a soiled diaper as urine breaks down it forms ammonia which is particularly harsh on the skin. Additionally, stool may cause irritation due to its contents of protease and lipase enzymes as well as microorganisms. As a result of these elements often in combination, increased exposure to wet skin inside a dirty diaper is the leading source of diaper rash.

Now that we know the culprit of diaper rash is wetness, we can see how nanoparticles heal rash by reducing the moisture on babies skin.

Nanoparticles Help Alleviate Diaper Rash
A dry bottom makes for a rash free bottom 

The active ingredient in diaper rash formulations is zinc oxide nanoparticles. Interestingly, zinc oxide form a mechanical barrier on skin, protecting it from irritants and wetness. It also gives the lotion it’s typical white opaque color. If you rub diaper rash cream on your hand, you will notice that water will bead up on top. This barrier to wetness stays for hours and is difficult to remove, leaving your child’s skin dry, even in a wet diaper.

Zinc oxide is a proven safe ingredient with no health concerns for infants. It is also a major ingredient in sunscreen and other cosmetics that we use every day. Diaper rash lotion is just another great use of nanoparticles helping millions of parents keep their baby’s bottoms dry and rash free.


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