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NanoHybrids Publishes White Paper on ‘Make Vs Buy’ Gold Nanoparticles

November 2014

NanoHybrids Inc has released a new white paper titled “Gold Nanoparticles: To Make or To Buy? A quick look at the economics behind the decision.” The paper is available for free download -

The paper takes an in-depth look at various costs involved in making gold nanoparticles by dividing the process into two main phases - the research phase that involves fine-tuning protocols and characterization and the actual production phase. A break-even analysis is conducted to compare the costs of making nanoparticles with the cost associated with buying them ready to use.

“Labs that work with gold nanoparticles often struggle with the make or buy question. Synthesizing your own nanoparticles seems appealing due to control over chemistry and potential cost savings. But it is easy to underestimate the value of the time and labor in synthesizing high quality, well-characterized nanoparticles required to obtain reproducible results.” says Dr. Nishi Viswanathan, Director of Product Development and Marketing. “We hope this paper will be an effective decision making tool for scientists facing the make vs buy choice.” 

About NanoHybrids:

NanoHybrids is an Austin-based company focused on commercializing nanotechnology solutions that can enhance the non-invasive detection and molecular profiling of cancer, atherosclerosis and other diseases. The company’s current product line comprises of premium gold nanoparticles with specialized coatings, including a proprietary silica coating that provides colloidal stability, bioconjugation potential and enhanced optical properties. The nanoparticles are ideal for use in imaging, tumor targeting, microscopy, lateral flow assays, SERS, drug delivery research, sensors and several other high-technology applications within the fields of life science and materials science.



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