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NanoHybrids Launches Gold Nanoparticles Custom Designed to Improve Lateral Flow Quality and Reproducibility

August 2015


NanoHybrids today announced the release of a new line of spherical gold nanoparticles designed to enable highly sensitive and reliable lateral flow immunoassays. Product benefits include:


 Spherical Gold Nanoparticles Custom Designed for Lateral Flow Assays

    • Highly Monodisperse Particles with Significantly Low Batch-Batch Variability
    • Stringent Quality Control for Better Assay Performance
    • Scale-up capability to Meet High Volume Requirements
    • Technical Assistance for Assay Development and Troubleshooting


      Careful selection of indicator particles is absolutely critical to the performance of any lateral flow assay. NanoHybrids’ new line of monodisperse gold nanoparticles can enable the development of lateral flow assays that meet the highest specifications of the industry, particularly with respect to sensitivity and reproducibility. Thorough characterization of every batch enables tight quality control.


      By using proprietary synthesis methods, NanoHybrids can produce gold nanoparticles at a 10-25 X higher concentration as compared to traditional protocols. By ordering highly concentrated colloidal gold nanoparticles, customers can remove the centrifugation steps in the concentration process and directly coat the antibody or soluble proteins onto gold, thus reducing both waste as well as labor costs.


      The company’s robust scale up capabilities and personalized technical assistance offer assay developers the opportunity to get their process up and running quickly and efficiently. Monodispersity, another vital consideration in the development process, remains uncompromised even with larger batches.


      “The NanoHybrids team has utilized unique expertise in material science, surface chemistry, antibody conjugation methods and years of experience in nanotechnology during the development of this new line of gold nanoparticles. We are delighted to launch this product in response to market needs for high levels of quality and performance. We are confident our customers will be able to fully take advantage of the consistency, ease of use and reproducibility provided by our nanoparticles,” said founder and Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Kimberly Homan.


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      NanoHybrids is an Austin-based company focused on commercializing nanotechnology solutions. The company’s current product line comprises of premium gold nanoparticles with specialized coatings, including a proprietary silica coating that provides colloidal stability, bioconjugation potential and enhanced optical properties. NanoHybrids’ gold nanoparticles are ideal for use in imaging, tumor targeting, lateral flow assays, microscopy, SERS, drug delivery research, sensors and several other high-technology applications within the fields of life science and materials science.


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