Make or Buy Gold Nanoparticles: A Quick Economic Analysis

“Should we try and make our own gold nanoparticles or buy them from a supplier?”
If you work with gold nanoparticles, you have probably considered this question. The answer depends on a host of factors including internal capability, expertise, availability of resources, time constraints, quality and most importantly, the cost.
This white paper approaches the question objectively to see which customers could benefit the most from buying gold nanoparticles instead of making them in house. 

      • Process: The process of making gold nanoparticles is divided into two main phases- the Research Phase where the protocols are fine-tuned by trial and error, followed by the Production Phase where the particles are synthesized for use in the lab. 
      • Costing: All the costs associated with making gold nanoparticles are calculated and then compared with the cost of buying the particles using break-even analysis.
      • Beyond just costs: Other factors that could influence the decision such as opportunity cost, data consistency and product quality are also discussed.
Whether you are considering basic gold nanospheres or premium silica-coated gold nanorods, this paper provides some valid data points to help finalize that make or buy assessment. Please contact us if you have any questions about our calculations or would like us to use this analysis to help with a specific buying decision.

White paper: Should I make or buy gold nanoparticles?

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